Surfing Campervan Holiday

A surfboard and a VW campervan go hand in hand. You will often see them coupled on postcards together. No surfing holiday is complete without a campervan, so make sure you book your Surfing Campervan Holiday now! Why Choose a Campervan? A VW Campervan is right at home on the coast. They have been used [...]

Weekend Campervan Hire

Staycation is a common thing nowadays, where people holiday in the UK, rather than travel to different countries. This is because the UK is full of incredible places with beautiful beaches, countryside and forests. A holiday doesn't have to last for weeks on end. Try weekend campervan hire, and enjoy a short break in the UK [...]

Campervan Road Trip in the South of England

Stuck for ideas on what to do for your next holiday? Try a campervan road trip in the south of England! The south coast is littered with stunning coastal towns, picturesque countryside villages, and miles of roads to explore. Why Choose Campervan Hire? A campervan road trip is the best holiday for people who like [...]

Rent a VW Campervan for Summer

Summer is here and a heatwave is sweeping across the UK, with glorious sunshine lifting everyones mood and getting people outside. Have you ever considered hiring a campervan for your summer holiday? When you rent a VW campervan for summer, you begin a holiday like no other. A campervan holiday gives you a sense of [...]

Best Outdoor Activities On A Campervan Holiday

If you love the outdoors, you'll love a campervan holiday. It is the best way of getting close to nature and having a great time on your holiday. To make sure you have the best time possible, here are some of the Best Outdoor Activities On A Campervan Holiday. Hiking & Cycling One of the [...]

Choose VW Campervan Hire for the Best New Forest Getaways

The New Forest is famous throughout the world for lots of reasons. It is one of the largest National Parks in England, spanning an impressive 219 sq mi (556 km). It extends across 3 counties - Hampshire, Wiltshire and Dorset. You'll find a multitude of wildlife in the New Forest, such as wild ponies who [...]

Dog Friendly Campervan Hire

A dog is like another member of the family. Everyone likes to have their favourite companion by their side at all times. Taking a dog on holiday is not always easy. The thought of having to leave them in a kennel can leave you feeling guilty. So why not choose a holiday where you can [...]

Get The Most Out Of A Family Campervan Holiday

It's getting closer and closer to Summer. Soon, all of the children will be on summer holidays and you have to find a way of entertaining them, whilst having fun yourself. It's the perfect time to pack your bags and go on a family campervan holiday. Here are some of our top tips on how [...]

Honeymoon Campervan Trip

Wedding season is upon us! Planning a wedding includes lots of different things. First, there is the venue. You have to pick a place which is just right for your big day. Then there is the dress. You can spend hours in a bridal shop and still not find the perfect dress. When picking a [...]

Importance of an Outdoor Holiday

An outdoor holiday is a massive difference to most of our daily lives. Unless you live in the countryside, it's unlikely that you'll see rolling hills everyday. It's even more unlikely that you'll get to spend time with your family exploring the UK's outdoors. This is why it is important to discuss the importance of [...]