How to enjoy your campervan holiday in the rain

Campervan holidays can be perfect for any time of the year. With VW campervans, you can ensure you will always get a cosy and warm nights sleep no matter the weather and always have lots to do in the day. We have found some of the best activities to ensure you can still enjoy your campervan holiday in the rain.

Local Attractions

With so much to see, hiring a VW campervan is the perfect holiday. Having the ability to pick up and go whenever you want allows you to see different areas as well as visit different attraction.


The aquarium is a great place to visit in any weather as the majority of parks are undercover. This makes it an ideal trip for your campervan holiday in the rain. Wherever you are staying, you can find a home for a huge range of animals. Some of these aquariums are home to animals including turtles, sharks, octopus and even penguins. You can even watch feeding demonstrations for some of these aquatic creatures.


Wherever you are travelling, just around the corner, there is a great museum for you to visit. Some of the most visited museums include the National Railway Museum, the National Museum and the Roman Baths. You can ensure you will find a variety of places to visit on your rainy campervan holiday.

In Van Entertainment

There is so much you can do in the campervan whilst you are waiting for the drizzle to fade away. You can use this time to get back into old hobbies or pick up new ones. You can learn just about anything through some research and videos. Learn how to draw, practice nail art or try a new recipe.

Holidaying in a campervan is perfect for appreciating your spare time and spending it with family. You can play board games or even find multiplayer games on a computer tablet. Watch movies and TV shows together or even skype those who couldn’t come on holiday with you.

Get out in the rain

You can still explore on your campervan holiday in the rain. Just because it is raining, it doesn’t mean your adventures will be dull.

Exploring the Caves

You can still take in the charm of natural surroundings with hidden caves that are located around the UK. The majority of caves are still open during the rain so you can take in nature’s beauty whilst staying dry. Our favourite recommendation is the Wookey Hole in Somerset. Known for its stunning looks with 8 areas to navigate through to give a full day of fun.

Explore outside

There are lots you can do whilst making the most of your campervan holiday in the rain. For example, you can still go for walks along the countryside and jump in the puddles or stroll along the beach. If this isn’t exciting enough for you, you can always bodyboard down small grassy hills.

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