Essential Camping Gear for a Campervan Holiday

We all know the classic saying ‘failing to prepare is preparing to fail’. This saying applies to VW Campervan hire as there a few essentials you will need before setting off on your adventure. At Call Campervan Hire, we are camping enthusiasts and know exactly what you need to take with you on a Campervan holiday. Here is our list of essential camping gear for a campervan holiday.

Food & Drink Supplies

The first essential camping gear you’ll need to prepare is food & drink. We recommend doing this before you hit the road to give yourself as much time for exploring as possible. Our Campervans have a high spec kitchen inside, so you can cook whatever food you want. The kitchens are filled with all the utensils and equipment you need, so all you have to bring is the food you want to eat. We can even do this for you with our Larder Loader service! Order an online shop to our address and we’ll stock up your campervan free of charge.

There is running water in our Campervans, but we advise bringing your own drinks too (we don’t have a beer tap!). Relax in your campervan and treat yourself with your favourite drink whilst watching the sunset.

Campfire Essentials

One of the best things about a campervan holiday is getting everyone huddled around a campfire. Campfires are a great place to share stories, great food and embrace nature. You’ll need to take a few things with you to make sure you can get a great campfire started. Pack some firelighters and lighter. If you are camping in the woods, you can find all the wood you need around you..


There are a few items of clothing which are Essential Camping Gear. In the summer, you should pack yourself with hats, sandals, swimsuits and anything that will keep you cool and protected. If you plan on going for long treks and hikes, make sure you pack a suitable pair of walking boots. If you are going on winter campervan holiday, packing warmer clothing is advised.

Fun & Games!

Although games are not vital, we still think they are essential camping gear! If you need a break from exploring, you can relax around the campervan are enjoy some fun games for all the family. You can bring lots of board games, sports equipment and much more to keep you entertained whilst you relax.

Start Using Your Essential Camping Gear

The best time for a campervan holiday is all year round, so why not start your adventure today?  We have 4 great VW Campervans for Hire, which you can browse below. They are high spec vehicles with lots of included features and even offer a 30% discount on selected sites through our membership to the Camping & Caravanning club. Get in touch now to book your campervan.