Food Tour in a Campervan

There’s is so many interesting and exciting things you can do on a campervan holiday that the list is endless. We like to make things simple at Call Campervan Hire, which is why we have travel guides and tips to give you a flavour of just some of the things you can do with campervan hire. Have you ever considered a Food Tour in a campervan? Here’s why you should…

Why Choose a Food Tour in a Campervan

The UK is packed with the best eateries and a marvellous range food. The only way to experience it all is in a campervan. When you hire a campervan, you can travel from the opposite ends of the UK trying all of the best food along the way. Enjoy a pasty in the west county, or travel to the opposite end of the UK to discover Scotland’s famous haggis. A food tour across the UK will never be easier than in a campervan. When you are finished enjoying the delights of one place, you can pack up and find somewhere else. If you were to try a food tour in a car, you would have the hassle of having to organise hotels along the way. Hiring a campervan takes all of this hassle away, as you can pull up and stop off anywhere for the night.

Food Tour in England

Tourist come from all of the globe to England to try the traditional cuisine that is on offer throughout the country. We’re so lucky to have it right on our door step. The south coast of England is famous for seafood. You’ll find the best ‘fish and chip’ shops across Devon & Cornwall, offering the finest locally-caught fish. There are great breweries in the West, such as the St Austell Brewery and the Thatchers Brewery. A food tour in a campervan wouldn’t be complete without visiting the North of England. There is lots of variety in the North and have unique dishes you can only find in the North, such as ‘parmo’. Throughout the England, you’ll find a great selection of food from other cultures, such as Chinese takeaway and curry.

food tour in a campervan

Food Tour in Wales

Wales is another place you should visit on your food tour in a campervan. Across this picturesque country you will find some very unique foods that you will only find in Wales. Enjoy local delicacies such as rarebit and welshcakes. These treats are famous across all of the UK, so make sure to take a trip so you don’t miss out.

Food Tour in Scotland

No food tour in a campervan is complete without visiting the delights of Scotland. Scotland is packed with some of the most unique food in the world! The national dish is haggis, made from sheep pluck, oatmeal and seasoning. Scotland is also very famous for its whiskey, which is made and distilled across the country.

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