Luxury Campervan Hire UK – The Perfect Staycation

Covid-19 has ruined a lot of people’s holiday plans this year, but with air travel at an incredible low, our planet is slowly starting to heal. So, this got us thinking about staycations and how we can reduce our impact on our planet without missing out on an adventure. Try luxury campervan hire UK …

The UK has some incredible sights of natural beauty and recently the weather has proven that you don’t have to go abroad to catch some rays!

Why go on a campervanning holiday?

You might be thinking “but holidays in the UK are expensive. Hotels, holiday cottages and Airbnb’s cost a fortune and there is no way you’re getting me in a tent on my HOLIDAY.” And these are all very valid points, but what if you could go on the road trip of a lifetime, waking up to a different view every day, having the freedom to stop whenever and wherever you want while discovering the beauty of our phenomenal little country…All from just £69 a day.

You can stay close to home, exploring the beautiful countryside of Dorset, Hampshire and Wiltshire. Maybe if you fancy a more adventurous holiday, head down to Cornwall for a spot of surfing, finishing the day off with a proper pasty. But for those wanting to go all out, there is the North Coast 500, an incredible road trip around northern Scotland’s coastal roads, a road trip everyone needs to do at least once in their life!

luxury campervan hire uk

Discover our fleet

We know another worry you may have is on your holiday you want a little bit of pampering, maybe a spot of luxury to help you relax? Well don’t you worry, the modern-day camper is jam-packed with all the little luxuries and home comforts you’d get in any Airbnb. In fact, our entire fleet is made up of state-of-the-art campervans, offering you spacious and luxurious accommodation that you can take anywhere. 

You’d be very surprised how comfortable they are, easily fitting a family of 4 or 4 adults. They’re fully equipped with elevating roofs, double bed, running water, twin-burner gas hob, fridge, 24V hook up and loads of storage, what more do you need for an adventure of a lifetime? 

What is a campervan? 

We know by now we’ve surely convinced you to try a luxury campervan hire UK. But why pick a campervan over hiring a motorhome or caravan? Motorhomes may be seen as more luxurious due to their typical additions of TV DVD, larger dining area, showers etc. But they are much chunkier! 

Getting used to driving a motorhome can take some time, especially if you’re not used to driving a large vehicle. When you set off on your holiday adventure the last thing you want is the stress of getting used to the size of a motorhome. 

Also, due to their size, it makes it a lot harder to fit and manoeuvre down the beautiful country lanes of the UK and we all know the scenic route is the best route! When it comes to caravans, well, you need to tow them. Do we need to say anymore? Still not put off? Fine.

If you got your driving license after Jan 1st 1997 you now need a towing license to tow a caravan which is expensive in itself. But on top of that, you need a vehicle to tow the caravan with! 

You might get more space with a caravan but in our opinion, there is a lot more faff that you just don’t need on holiday. We highly recommend campervans as they are just the best of both worlds, their compact and versatile but they still offer you enough space to enjoy your holiday in style.

So what are you waiting for?! Start planning your next UK road trip by hiring a luxury campervan from Call Campervan Hire.