Say Goodbye to Forest & Jurassic

We have decided to sell our two T5 conversions, FOREST and JURASSIC. We have had these 2 campers for a long time and we’ve had lots of fun with them. They were very popular with our customers! But don’t worry, we’re getting new ones for you.

We’ve already got a new T6 campervan for hire, MALIBU. The camper is named after California’s beaches and finished in a gorgeous bamboo green. As much as we loved our T5’s, we can’t wait to get our new fleet of T6 campervans on the road. They are even more modern, even more spacious and even more comfortable than the T5 campers. You’ll have a lot of fun exploring in these high spec vans.

Below you can find our current range of T6 campervans for hire. Make sure you keep an eye out for any new additions to our fleet.