The Best Places To Visit in Wiltshire

One of the reasons you may have decided not to do a staycation this year is perhaps you’re just not aware of the great attractions and beauty spots in our local area. Let’s take a look at some places to visit in Wiltshire so for your next holiday you can swap the stresses of air travel for some exploring and adventures in the beautiful English countryside.

No Wiltshire holiday is complete without a visit to Salisbury

One of the most well-known places to visit in Wiltshire has to be the city of Salisbury boasting it’s breathtaking Cathedral, fantastic range of boutique stores and green spaces. The Cathedral is open to visitors from 9am-5pm throughout the Summer and a visit is expected to last between 1.5 and 3 hours. Whilst it is free to visit, the Cathedral recommends a donation towards preservation works.

Perhaps the most well-recognised place to visit in Wiltshire…next up is Stonehenge

Thinking of locations Wiltshire holidays Stonehenge is usually what most people will think of first…and rightly so! – It’s a stunning landmark. You’ll need to book some tickets to visit and after doing so you’ll be given a 30 minute window to arrive. There are some great itinerary plans put together by English Heritage which you can view here.


A visit to Longleat Safari Park is a great addition to any holiday in Wiltshire. During the Safari Drive-through you can view the Elephants, Lions and Tigers, enter Monkey Mayhem area and much more! The ‘Main Square’ has an even wider variety of beautiful creatures – again you’ll need some tickets for this one!

Stourhead House and Garden

This majestic National Trust property is a perfect example of where you could be enjoying some natural beauty on your next adventure. At Stourhead, kids can now have a good at some tree climbing experiences! They’re running all through summer and you can book online here. The landscape garden is just beautiful for a leisurely stroll or perhaps a great opportunity to hone your photography skills.

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