The history of VW campervans

Starting in the 1940’s, the Volkswagen campervan was inspired by the VW beetle. Now, with 6 generations of campervans, the vehicle has been perfected for living on the road. Even though the new styled campervan have been designed to work better with better comforts, there is a still a huge following for the classic VW camper.

The Volkswagen T1 – 1950’s

The history of VW campervan started in 1949. Volkwagen revealed their prototype of the campervan. This was Volkswagen’s first try at a bus styled vehicle. With such a success, they started to build a type 2 that went into production in the early 1950’s. Building two different models, Volkswagen were committed to changing the vehicle world. They wanted to build a campervan that looks styling and has every functionality you would need.

One of the first models produced was the Commercial Transporter. The second model was the Kombi. Both these models had two side windows and removable seats in the back. One of their most defining features was the windscreen. These models both had a split windscreen, earning the nickname Splitty.

The Volkswagen T2 – 1960’s

In 1968, Volkswagen brought out the Volkswagen Transporter T2 (also known as the Bay) and stopped production of the T1. The new transporter was quite similar to the T1 on the outside, with only one main difference. The windscreen had been replaced to just one regular window panel. On the inside, however, Volkswagen had made quite a few adjustments. The Transporter T2 had a new engine and new suspension to improve the quality of how the campervan drove.

The Volkswagen T3 – 1970’s

Volkwagen started producing the transporter T3, a decade after the T2. Released in 1979, this vehicle was heavier, larger and a lot squarer than the previous models. The T3 focused more on additional features and included air conditioning, power steering and heated mirrors.

The Volkswagen T4 – 1990’s

The T4 was an upgrade from the transporter T3 in every way thinkable. Considered to be revolutionary in the VW campervan world, this camper had more power with a front water-cooled engine, all in a modern design. The T4 campervan was the first to feature an engine in the front of the vehicle. This resulted in sloping nose to fit the longer, lower and narrower body. On top of new style, the T4 came with a range of add-on features which included: a high-top roof, sliding doors on both sides, a longer nose to fit a v6 engine, as well as a permanent 4WD system. This campervan soon became the most popular option and was used largely for commercial use.

The Volkswagen T5 – 2000’s

Available in a range of configurations including a campervan, minibus, single cab, double cab, drop side or chassis truck. The T5 transporter started to include more luxuries to ensure all customers got everything they would need from their campervan. With the aim to create the perfect campervan, the T5 was fully equipped with fold away tables, seats, beds and even a sink.

The Volkswagen T6 – 2000’s

Released in 2015, Volkswagen brought out their latest campervan with the intention of creating the ultimate VW campervan. Still retaining the great features of the T5, the transporter T6 upgraded to two separate sleeping areas to comfortably accommodate up to four adults. With this modern campervan featuring all the great features you would expect from any car, the Volkswagen T6 comes fully equipped with many great gadgets and functionalities to give you the best experience.

Call Campervans VW Campers

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