UK Road Trip in a Campervan

If you are looking to start your next adventure and want some inspiration to help you along the way, you’ve come to the right place. At Call Campervan Hire, we make UK road trip dreams come true! The UK has so many exploring opportunities across the 4 countries – England, Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland. A road trip in a campervan allows you to explore all over the country, and not have to worry about booking hotels, trains, buses, or any inconveniences that stop you having fun. We are lucky enough to have explored all across the UK, so we know the best places to go and how to make the most of your road trip. You can see where we have explored on our Instagram account. With a great fleet of VW Campervans, you’ll be well equipped on the road, and well prepared after reading our UK road trip ideas.

UK Road Trip Ideas in England

England is the largest country in the UK, with a population of over 55 million and 48 counties throughout the land. One of our favourite things to do is a road trip on the south coast. We’re based in the New Forest, so we have the choice of heading east or west. Our favourite route is the south west, going through Dorset, Devon, & Cornwall. We even have a Dorset travel guide where you can read all about the best parts of Dorset, including a Bournemouth travel guide. Our road trip on the south coast usually ends up in Penzance, about 200 miles from the New Forest. Along the way, we stop off at the best beaches and countrysides and stop for the night in one of our campervans. There is enough space in our campers for 3 adults, or a family of 4, so you can rest easy overnight and hit the road again after a great nights sleep.

Another place in England we enjoy visiting is Yorkshire. It offers a great mixture of bustling cities and towns, as well all rolling hills across the Yorkshire Dales. The county is rich with history, which is evident today in the architecture of the towns and the variety of museums. The landscapes of Yorkshire also make the county a must-visit on a UK road trip, ranging from its vast countrysides, through to the costal town of Whitby.

uk road trip in Wales

UK Road Trip Ideas in Wales

Wales is bordered by England to the East and has over 1680 miles of coastline to explore, as well as mountainous countryside. It takes just 2 and a half hours to get to Cardiff from where we are in the New Forest. In the south of Wales, you’ll find most of the major cities, including places such as Cardiff, Swansea, Newport and Llanelli. The north of Wales is less populated than the south, and features the mountainous region of Snowdonia. When we visit Wales, we always like to visit the Isle of Anglesey. The entire coastline has been designated as an area of outstanding beauty and we love taking long walks along the Anglesey beaches. If you’re interested in a surfing camping holiday, the coast of Pembrokshire is world famous for it’s impressive waves. As Wales is quite a small country in size, you can pack lots of adventures in during your UK road trip in Wales.

UK Road Trip Ideas in Scotland

Scotland is a very popular destination for anyone hiring one of our campervans. We usually combine a trip to Scotland with visiting some areas in the north of England, as it is on the way and we wouldn’t want to miss out on anything. Scotland is perfect for a UK road trip, as it has plenty of long open roads with scenic views all along the way. Divided into 32 subdivisions, the Highlands are the biggest and most rural area in Scotland. There are lots of Lochs and mountainous regions which are an explorers paradise in this division. If you time your trip, you could even enjoy watching the Highland Games, an ancient Scottish tradition. Another interesting place you’ll find in the Highlands is Loch Ness. We’re all familiar with the legend of the Loch Ness monster, but the Loch itself is a beautiful landscape to visit. Further South in Scotland there is the major cities of Glasgow and Edinburgh. These places are packed with rich history and architecture to explore.

UK Road Trip Ideas in Northern Ireland

A road trip in Northern Ireland is a must-visit if you want to explore all of the UK. Northern Ireland is not connected to any other country in the UK, so the best thing to do is take the ferry over in your campervan. Once you arrive, you will be blown away by the expansive countrysides that run across the country. There are plenty of mountain ranges which include the renowned Sperrin Mountains. No trip to Northern Ireland is complete without a trip to the Giants Causeway. The Giants Causeway is the result of ancient volcanic fissure eruption and is now declared a World Heritage Site. Across the cities of Northern Ireland you’ll find lots of interested activities and excursions that highlight the countries rich culture and heritage.

uk road trip in northern ireland

UK Road Trip in a Campervan

A campervan is the only choice of vehicle for a UK road trip. You can always be on the move exploring new and exciting places, and not have to worry about booking hotels. We can even give you 30% off selected campsites We have a fleet of high spec of VW campervans for hire, which are available from just £69 per day! They can fit a family of 4, or 3 adults. If you need a little bit of help organising your UK road trip, speak to us and we can help.