Weekend Campervan Hire

Staycation is a common thing nowadays, where people holiday in the UK, rather than travel to different countries. This is because the UK is full of incredible places with beautiful beaches, countryside and forests. A holiday doesn’t have to last for weeks on end. Try weekend campervan hire, and enjoy a short break in the UK over a weekend, rather than travel abroad.

Why Choose a Weekend Campervan Hire Break?

Having a short weekend break is something everyone should do, in order to relax and have a break from normal routine. It gives you the chance to get away from the stress of daily life. We think that a hiring a campervan is the best way to spend a short weekend break. You don’t have to stay in one place. You can travel about as much as you want and experience lots of new things in such a short space of time. Even better, if you find a scenic spot on your travels, you can pull up in your camper and stay there for the night! With enough space to fit a family of 4, you can choose to have a family break, or spend it together with a partner or friend.

Why Choose to Spend a Weekend Break in the UK?

There are so many places in the UK to visit with weekend campervan hire. Explore the north and south of England, or adventure to Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland. Travelling abroad for a weekend break means you will spend most of your break in an airport waiting for your flight. Staying close to home means you can spend the weekend doing the things you love doing on holiday. Not only do you get to see incredible sights across the UK, it is also a cheaper alternative to foreign holidays and is easier to plan.

We have some travel guides to give you some inspiration for your short break in a VW campervan. See what you can do with VW campervan hire Dorset, campervan hire Hampshire, New Forest campervan hire and campervan hire in Wiltshire. We even have some guides on campervan hire Bournemouth and Southampton campervan hire.

Interested in Weekend Campervan Hire?

If you are interested in weekend campervan hire, we have some incredible campervans for hire. There are 4 great quality campers to choose from, which are available from just £69 per day. To find out more about hiring a campervan for a weekend, take a look at our campervan price list. Check our vans below…